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The Law Office of Chris Van Vechten – Criminal Defense Attorney – Tacoma, WA

Why I Work as a Criminal Defense Lawyer

“Van Vechten” means “ready to fight”

Van Vechten is a Dutch name which literally means “ready to fight,” “to struggle,” “to crusade” or “to zealously advocate.”

As a criminal defense attorney, I strive to live up to my name…

As a criminal defense lawyer, I strive every day to live up to the name “Van Vechten” by zealously advocating on behalf of our clients. I believe deeply in the right of every person to have a robust and professional criminal defense when they are accused of breaking the law.

You probably found this website because you need a defense lawyer to defend a personal freedom, liberty, right or privilege that is under threat. Hopefully you are already committed to asserting your right to retain a private criminal defense attorney, but you may not yet be sure whether you’re ready, willing, and able to “Van Vechten” the matter.

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Who we represent as criminal defense clients

Who We Represent

The Law Office of Chris Van Vechten is a criminal defense law firm that has served as counsel to criminal defense and other clients who represent every cross-section of our community – professional athletes, politicians and elected officials, the unhoused and the addicted, business owners and working class heroes, soldiers who serve our country, immigrants – documented or otherwise – who seek to join it.

We have represented high school drop-outs, college students, university professors and fellow attorneys, people as young as 10 and as old as 81, residents of countless communities, the famous, the infamous and a lot of people who wish to remain unknown.

Many lawyers employ an “assembly line strategy” for representing the accused, particularly those charged with petty crimes like Assault 4, DUI, or even high volume felonies like unlawful possession of a controlled substance. By contrast, our Tacoma criminal defense law firm strives to provide a criminal defense which is both powerful AND personalized to meet the individual goals/needs of every client, on every case.

This, along with a willingness to go to trial and the ability to win, has kept The Law Office Of Chris Van Vechten in demand across the South Sound for criminal defense law, juvenile defense law, and civil representation for years.

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The Law Office of Chris Van Vechten proved that a 15 year old defendant accused of bringing a gun to school was framed by a classmate, compelling the Mason County Deputy prosecutor to drop the charges.