Photo of a prison guard holding keys in front of an inmate's cell

How do free criminal defense consultations work?

Are criminal defense consultations free?


At the Law Office of Chris Van Vechten, for all criminal cases, the first consultation is always free. Occasionally, consultations for other matters are not free, but the general rule is that a diagnostic assessment of your legal situation in a criminal case, and what – if anything – I can do for you is not charged to you.

What should I bring to my free criminal defense consultation?

Any paperwork you have that was given to you by the court or the police officer, either at the time of contact or later, should be brought to the free criminal defense consultation appointment.

Can I bring someone with me to my free criminal defense consultation?

Yes, support from friends and family can be very helpful to successful, quality representation. The emotional, financial and professional burdens and restrictions that come with being accused of a crime are often beyond what a single person can bear. Family and friends often provide valuable insight and can assist with gathering information or preparing for trial.

Better Safe Than Sorry

The reason the Law Office of Chris Van Vechten offers free case evaluations is exactly because there isn’t a hard and fast rule about when someone should hire a criminal defense lawyer. One recommendation we can make to anyone who has been charged with a crime, or who believes they might be charged with a crime, is to contact us by phone or text for a free case evaluation to speak with us about your case. It is our job to give you the best possible recommendations and to work hard for you and fight for you to help you get through your situation and to make sure you receive justice.